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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water damage...

Well, this is one time I'm glad this happened in a condo and not in a single family home! Our homeowner's association will pay for the damage...which started with dripping water last night...a slow drip but dripping nonetheless! This morning the adventure of where it was coming from began! It started out with this small hole cut into our soffit...this told the men that a plumber needed to be called. Later in the afternoon, the plumber shows up and decides he needs to make the original hole bigger in order to see better. That didn't work so well so he had to make a HUGE hole above the microwave. (this is an interior wall) He's still not 100% sure about where the source of this water is...
He has made a big mess so far though...
He decides to make a smaller hole over to the left and now he's convinced that the drip is between hole #2 (in this picture) and hole #3. Hopefully, tomorrow he comes and replaces a large portion of the pipe and puts in a new one. More demolition to follow!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our temps here in MN were sub-zero to barely above zero so I stayed inside and quilted!! I bought this fabric the last time I was in CA to visit my friend Laurie. I appliqued the hearts and finally put it together! I figured it was perfect for Valentine's Day! Here's a close-up of some of the hearts and the border fabric. I think I like it!!! Tomorrow...a backing for it!!!
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