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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life's been B*U*S*Y has been a trip lately!!! LITERALLY! LOL...from KC to Chicago to Minneapolis...then tomorrow it's to Bloomington IL to Chicago and Sunday it's back to KC! WHEW...I don't have a CLUE how many miles that is...but let's just say it's a TON! (just entered the info into mapquest and it says: 2081.14 miles once I get home on Sunday!!)

Last Saturday night it was Senior Night at North Park. We were honored to be presented at half time with our son Kevin who is in his last year of college (YIPPEE) and his final season of soccer (BOOHOO). What a great night it was!!! LOVE YOU KEV!!!

After Saturday's game and some play time in downtown Chicago on Sunday, DH and I headed back to Mpls for the week. Here was the gift God gave me Monday morning out of the 26th floor apartment here downtown! A GORGEOUS sunrise! Absolutely soothing to the soul!

Remember this post?...well, yesterday I spent time with my sister working on the quilt for the coach. This picture shows the North Park logo blown up and on the front window so we could be sure we got the pieces laid out properly on the background.! What a lot of little pieces! Patience was definitely needed here...but it paid off!!!
And here we have a picture of the Viking ship laid on and glued down on the background fabric. I will take it home with me and do the stitching and continue to embellish the quilt! What do you think? COOL huh? I'm excited to get this one finished!

Thanks for stopping by. Check back for more surprises on the NPU quilt!
I am off to shower and head to Target for more stuff DH needs in the apartment. Then I might check out a condo here in Mpls. I also have a lunch date with a girlfriend! WOOHOO!!!
OH...our house has been on the market 6 weeks now today. We had 4 showings in the first 2 weeks and not a single one since...that's 4 weeks without a showing. NOT GOOD! If you could shoot a little prayer for this housing market and economy to improve it'd be great. This living apart, 400+ miles apart, from dh is not fun!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday at noon, Dan and I left home and drove 5 hours to Springfield, IL to watch Kev and his North Park soccer team play soccer. The game got started late and then went into overtime. NP lost 3-2 in OT but we had our 3rd string goalie in and a ton of reserve players. Our starters needed some rest before the final 2 regular season games and post season play starts.

At 9pm, Dan and i started our return trip back home...we arrived at 3:00am and i was probably asleep by 3:45am. Alarm rang at 7:50 and I was out the door with girlfriends to attend the Holiday Mart here! was fun but I was EXHAUSTED!!!

Early to bed for me! More shopping tomorrow night! YESSSSS!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I worked at the LONGARM!!!! WOOHOO!!!

My sister made this took awhile but it turned out beautifully!!!

I hope she likes it!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The blocks are signed!!!

Here is an update to the previous post! I had every intention to take Sue suggested...and here they are! the boys were so appreciative of the free meal! And i was so appreciative of the blocks being done! WOOHOO...actually, I have 2 that I need to have sign but that's not bad out of 24!!! YES!!!

On the way to Chicago though, I stopped at my FAVORITE rest area! it totally's clean and a quilter's heaven! Check it out!!!

Here is DS and a few of the guys...

This is Nate and Nemo...both seniors!

Hopefully the quilt won't take too long!!! GO NORTH PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


After many many many days, a lot of them weekends, getting this house ready to be on the market, I FINALLY QUILTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good too!!! I am making a quilt for my son's college soccer coach. Kev is a senior this year and I wanted to make something special!

I used a pattern from Buggy Barn which will make the borders of the quilt. The center will be the Viking Ship from the university's website that I will get blown up a bit in order to fit inside the star border. I am taking the stars to Subway (near the university) tomorrow, before the game, so the boys can sign them. I bribed them by saying if they showed up I would buy them a $5 footlong sub! LOL...ya gotta do what ya gotta do...and I did NOT want to leave them with my son! NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Kev is responsible but I don't trust the boys to do it properly without my supervision! LOL I'm getting excited about this project!

I had a heck of a time finding bright yellows so I didn't do it scrappy...I used one yellow. Time is of the essence and I just didn't have time to go to a 4th or 5th LQS when they are over 30 mins away. This will have to do!!!
the yellow stars...
the white stars...
a sneak peak of what it might look like when it's done...
Can you tell what their school colors are? LOL

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Remember this post??? It's the one about the steam dryer in dh's apartment. Well...he tried to dry a load last week and after 6 HOURS he gave up as well! I called the office and they had it checked it the next day. The handyman cleaned out several lines and when DH got home from work he said his JEANS...yes JEANS...were bone dry!!! NOT damp to the touch...but BONE DRY!!! So I guess the steam dryer does long as it's in proper working condition!

I sure hope to quilt today! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pics from the fun weekend in Chicago!

It was such a great time in Chicago! here are some pics to prove it! LOL It's also my oldest's 25th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!

DH having a little fun with me at dinner Friday night!!!

The kids and their paternal grandparents...LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic!!!

My 4 kids all together! It had been awhile! What fun we had!!!

A beautiful day for a tour of NPU...North Park University! This is DH, his mom, Dan, Kev, and dh's dad.

A little post-game photography...Kev was being a dork! He scored a goal and the team won 3-0! WOOHOO!!!

YEP...a great weekend was had by all!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

back home...

I am back home after being gone for 8 nights and 9 days. It will be great to sleep in my own bed tonight but it won't feel so good cuz dh wont' be here by my side. this morning, at a motel in a suburb of chicago, dh and i had a tearful goodbye. he was headed back to mpls and i was headed back to kansas city. i cried for about 3 miles of my trip. dh said his trip from rochester to mpls was longer today than it was last week (last week he was headed north to me).

I HATE THIS...and so does dh. I hope this house sells QUICKLY...doubtful though...but I got married 26 years ago to live with my husband...not to be in separate cities/states.

I LOVE YOU STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun Weekend ahead...

I am sitting here in a hotel in Glenview, IL. I have a few things to do today but the most exciting thing is that all of my kids will be here, along with DH and his parents, for the weekend!!! Tonight we'll have dinner together and celebrate our oldest's bday (it's on monday) and just enjoy being together.

Tomorrow I am not sure what we'll do to kill the day, but at night we'll watch Kevin and his college team, the North Park Vikings, play soccer! WOOHOO!!! Then Sunday will arrive and we'll all head our separate ways!

I will enjoy this blessing that God has given to me!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Steam Dryer...

Remember the steam dryer in the previous post???? Well let me say this...I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy one of those things! I had a small load: 3 tshirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 hand towel, my jammie bottoms, 3 pairs of undies, 1 bra, 1 pair of socks, and a nice shirt. I turned the dryer on for 40 mins on high heat. The clothes were still WET! Dh said, the lady said they would be damp to the touch. YEAH, DAMP not WET! SO, I turned it on for 120 mins while we went to dinner and the Eagles concert (amazing concert btw!!!). When we got back to the apt. around 11:30 the clothes were not as wet but still wet IMHO. SO...I took out the undies (they were dry), the socks, the bra, and turned it on for 20 more mins. STILL not damp to the touch. I wanted to go to bed so I took the clothes out and laid them across the back of some chairs and on the shelves in the bathroom so they would dry overnight.

UGH...dh will NEVER get his clothes dry...NEVER EVER EVER EVER with that thing! How can a person expect to fold damp to the touch clothes and not have them get moldy?????

I'll take my regular old dryer anytime...thank you very much!!!