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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If there are 2 things I DETEST it's LYING and MESSING WITH MY KIDS. My motto as a mom has always been, "Mess with me but do not mess with my kids". The bank is messing with my youngest. Dan was supposed to close on his new home yesterday and move in tomorrow. The loan most likely got left on someone's desk before getting sent to underwriting. The loan is still in underwriting.

Dan's realtor (our realtor as well) called and said the phones at the bank were out and she couldn't get ahold of the VP (gal who helped with dan's loan). I said well i had checks to cash (it's our bank we are dealing with) and I could stop in the mortgage area and ask if closing would happen tomorrow. I did that and had the VP tell me several lies that I personally was in the meetings and things she said were told to Dan were not. I called her out on every lie and she wasn't happy with me. I left with her business card and gave our realtor the VP's cell.

Our realtor called VP and was told I was a bit aggressive...passionate would be a better description...but guess what? She spoke with her boss and Dan is closing tomorrow at 10 (unless they pull some shenanigans) whether his loan has come thru underwriting or not. WOW...i guess cages should've been rattled sooner!

I told VP that we had another loan officer who could close this loan in 48-72 hours and Dan would probably pull the loan. I guess the BOSS didn't want to lose the business! If they yank Dan around tomorrow he is walking out the door and telling them to have his file ready for the other loan officer to pick up.

I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Our average high for the month of March is 56. Here is what is happening were taken about 5 mins ago...around 7:05pm...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! This was supposed to be a huge weekend of open houses in our 'hood but it was shut down early today due to freezing rain/sleet. *sigh* will we EVER sell this house?????

this doesn't look like 56 degree to me! And because of the cold/snow, we can't get the pool clear and we opened it up early just for the open house bonanza. So much for THAT tactic.

TOO MUCH SNOW..................

ENOUGH already!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday in Mpls last weekend...

Before I go into Sunday's fun...I forgot to post this pic of 2 idiots fishing on a hunk of ice. If you enlarge the pic you can see the crack that looks close to breaking them away from safety. S*T*U*P*I*D humans!

We wanted to go to breakfast at Hell's Kitchen (not related to the tv show) but the wait was an hour and we were time we'll make a reservation!!! We ended up eating at "The Local". It's OK for brunch but nothing to write home about.

We had 30 mins to kill before heading to the Metrodome for the NCAA Basketball play off games between KU and Dayton, and Mich. St vs USC. It was the first time we've seen a college bball game other than Division III games. WOW those guys are HUGE!!! It was a lot of fun and we'd do it again!!! Here we are waiting for the game to start!!!
This, I think, is the pic of the opening tip-off. Without a zoom it's hard to get good pics...but it proves we were there! LOL
SO...that about sums up our weekend. LOTS of together time that we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated after losing Mark. It really brought home how important being together is for us.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beauty in being together in Mpls!!!

In my previous post I mentioned the amazing weather/walk my dh and I took on Saturday. WOW...what a day!!!!! Here is a small peek at our day last Saturday!!!

After stopping at Target to get a disposable camera (left the digital at home in KS...OOPS), we headed toward the Mighty Missippi. I just had to have my pic taken next to the Mary Tyler Moore statue. If you ever watched the MTM show you know the beginning was filmed in Mpls and she throws her hat at the end of the opening. A bronze statue was put up in her honor!

Here I am in front of St. Anthony Falls...GORGEOUS!!!!!

We stopped for lunch at Town Hall Brewery. They have great food and AWESOME beer! We had a couple fo beers and headed off to finish our walk!!!

We crossed over the river and I took this pic of downtown Mpls. It was standing there very majestically!!!

We walked and walked and walked and finally were headed back to the apartment. A few blocks down on Hennepin Avenue I saw the striped awnings of Rock Bottom Brewery! MORE BEER!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh...a perfect day!!! of Sunday!

Have a good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day in Minneapolis. I have no clue what the high temp was but I'd guess it got in the low 60's, there was no wind and a bright blue sky! GORGEOUS!!!

Steve and I had an AMAZING day. We left the apartment at 12th St. and Marquette around 11am and walked straight to the Mississippi river. Took a right and ended up at Town Hall Brewery which is on the other side of Interstate 35. Had lunch and a couple of beers before heading back down the river and walked to St. Anthony, Nicollet Island, Boom Island, and finally crossed the river on the Plymouth bridge. Finally we headed back into downtown and towards the apartment when Rock Bottom Brewery's awning called my name and in we went. Had too many beers and watched the NCAA basketball games. The bartenders there are so AWESOME...the 4:00 shift came on and that's why we had 2 more beers after closing out the earlier tab...Steve was talking books/music with one of the bartenders! LOL...We figured it was about an 8-10 mile walk.

Today we'll walk to the Metrdome to as well to watch 2 NCAA Regional Bball games. KU plays at 1:30 so we're gonna root for the hometown boys!!! GO KU!!! (Pictures will follow in the next few days...I didn't bring the digital when I left home and had to buy a disposable...stay tuned!!!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rough Day

I got a call from my DH today while working at Old Chicago. I was busy so didn't answer the actual call but the server who did said my husband was on the phone. I knew it wasn't good news cuz DH NEVER calls OC for me.

DH said someone had died. I couldn't catch the name cuz DH's voice cracked. I had to ask DH who died and he said it was Mark Lindblad. He was dh's business coach for the past 10+ years.

Mark was so amazing because he never told DH what to do. He always could put things into question form so DH could figure it out on his own. He was a gentle giant who came to some of my kids' USA Cup soccer games in order to meet with dad. DH even shared a recent email (that I sent to him) with Mark. DH said Mark had tears in his eyes after reading it and said this is what life is all about.

Mark died yesterday unexpectedly of a heart attack. DH was choked up about it while talking to me on the phone. Our hearts are heavy. Mark was only 55 and he was an amazing human being.

I had just asked DH this morning if he had contacted Mark about meeting up again. DH was going to email him later today, but instead got a phone call from Mark's daughter telling him about her dad's death.

Life shouldn't be taken for granted and we should live each moment to its fullest. It makes me want to move ASAP to Mpls and be with DH.

Here's the link to the obit

Please keep the family in your prayers. Life has been full of sadness lately...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More from vacation...

One day we went on a hike in the Tahquitz Canyon. It was a 2 mile hike with a 3500 foot change in altitude. It was a gorgeous day!!!

The waterfall was the prize at the top of the hike!

Isn't it gorgeous???

Margarita anyone???

One of several sunsets!!!

The End!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vacation in was wonderful!

Dh and I got home last week from a vacation in Palm Desert. It was wonderful to be together. Over then next few days i will share pics from our trip!
the view from our resort room...notice the snow on the mountains

DH got into his sudoku right away! LOL

Beverage anyone? ;o)

gotta love the palm trees, blue sky, and wispy clouds...God's beauty at its finest!!!

Out for dinner! AH, gotta love time with the one you love!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


My baby, Fireman Dan, is no longer a teenager! YIKES...where has the time gone? Here he is back when being a fireman was a dream.

And now, that dream is reality (even though this pic is from vacation!). Dan is now a full-time fireman and enjoying life!

Happy Birthday Dan!!! Love ya Buddy!