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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crockpot Blog

This is a wonderful blog. If you haven't visited Stephanie's blog, RUN over there now! She has it set up to be very user friendly and her search engine is fabulous. Her 2nd book is out now and I just received it yesterday via UPS. I also was given her first book for Christmas as well.

If you are a working person and want hot, healthy, and delicious meals waiting for you when you get home from work...these cookbooks and/or the blog are for you! I even bought 2 of my kids crockpots and the first book for Christmas. I sure hope they use them!

Here is our family pic from Christmas this year. We had a great time and were able to see both sides of our family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some pictures from St. Louis weekend

We managed to get through PJ's mom's funeral. Sarah and PJ were exhausted but we salvaged the weekend and had fun at the St. Louis Blues hockey game on Saturday night! Here are Steve and I in the box.
3 of the kids...Dan, Joe, and Sarah...Kevin had to work and didn't make it. ;-(
Post game spirits...I hate whiskey and these 3 made me go "ICK"! LOL
Dan and PJ being silly with the menu!
Love this pic of Sarah and PJ!!!
Now it's time to finish up loose ends for Christmas. I hope the weather holds out so my kids can make it to MN!!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Please keep my daughter Sarah's boyfriend PJ and his family in your prayers. His mom passed away yesterday morning of advanced colon cancer. It was found only about 4 weeks ago and she was hospitalized the day before thanksgiving for severe dehydration. On Friday night this past week, Sarah called and said that the cancer was everywhere and there was nothing they could do and that she had maybe 6 weeks to life. Diane (PJ's mom) went home on Saturday. Sunday morning she was unresponsive and taken back to the hospital. She died around 11:30 am yesterday.

We had plans for the 2 families to meet this weekend in St. Louis at the Blues hockey game. PJ still wants those plans to take place, as he said to me this morning, "I want to keep life normal and it'll be a good distraction.". I changed my flight to Wed. so I am there for the wake and funeral (Wed/Thurs). This was a shock and went very quickly. We know what it's like to lose our mom and my heart is heavy for the Hubert family right now.

Please keep them in your prayers