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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DH is moved in

Well, DH is moved in to his new apartment in Minneapolis. It only took 2 trips. LOOK at this washer/dryer combo! WEIRD huh? My clothes are in there now and I'm now sure but I think I put toooooooo much detergent in there...I also found out where the detergent SHOULD go AFTER I poured a bit directly on my clothes! EH...stuff happens! once the wash cycle is done I just switch the switch for it to become a dryer! It's steam heat drying so we'll see how that goes! I'll have to give dh lessons before I head out tomorrow morning!

Here is the morning sky from yesterday...kinda cool huh? He's on the 26th floor...the TOP floor so the views are amazing!

Here is the evening skyline............

and it's just your typical one bedroom apartment!

oh, one final skyline...this was yesterday afternoon!

I gotta run...I'm going out with our realtor to look at areas/properties today. Tonight it's The Eagles in concert at Target Center! And...GO TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Road Trippin'

My 10 day road trip has begun!!! Friday I left KC and headed to Chicago with DH following me in his car, packed to move him to MN. We enjoyed a soccer game our son played in (they lost though) and then went back to the hotel for sleep!

Saturday morning I was up early and headed to Apple Valley, MN. My sister and niece are having a bridal shower for another niece today and we needed to prep for it. We got all of that done and then I headed to the hotel (my sister has been having some remodeling done and has no bed for me to sleep on!)

Today it's a shower and get cleaned up, head to my sister's, put the finishing touches on the shower, bridal shower, and clean up. Then DH will be there and we'll head to Mpls to get him moved into his 26th floor, view of downtown St. Paul, temporary apartment housing. We'll probably get some groceries and other stuff he needs as well.

Monday I will check out the complex, downtown area, and possibly drive by some properties in the area. Tuesday...out with the realtor.

Wednesday: head to Racine, WI for another soccer game
Thursday: drive to Chicago and relax for 2 days!!! Dan arrives in Chi-town
Friday: DD, DH and FIL/MIL arrive at hotel
Saturday: soccer game for DS
Sunday: drive home through Columbia, MO to take oldest to dinner for his bday and then CRASH in my own bed when I get home that night! WHEW!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Taking a break...

The house is finished and on the market. My DH and I drove to Dubuque, IA on Friday for a soccer game that our son was playing in. Then on Saturday we drove to Chicago, but first we stopped in Genoa, IL to visit a winery. It was EXCELLENT and we had a great time.

We arrived in Chicago around 2:30 and called our son. We drove to his apt. and picked him up. We went to have an early dinner at "Art of Pizza" (YUMMY) and spend time with Kev. Kev and I gave DH grief about being "unemployed" (he is done at his old job and starts his new job one week from today) and not pulling his weight in the family! LOL...dh says he's on vacation! I said, VACATION??!!!!!!!!!!! You don't have an office, no phone number, no computer, no blackberry...and you are on VACATION???!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like unemployed to me! ROFL!!!

Anyway, after dropping our son off at his apt. we went to a brewpub near our hotel and had a couple of beers. Then back to the hotel and watched a movie.

Today we are going to go to "Trader Joe's" and buy some groceries that we can't get in KS. Our son plays at 7:00 tonight and then we are going to "The Rail" for ten cent chicken wings. Tomorrow we drive home. DH and our youngest are going to a concert tomorrow night and I'll enjoy having the house to myself!

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


*SIGH* I am sooooooooooooooo very tired of this moving stuff. Clean, declutter, paint, declutter, clean, declutter, clean clean just never seems to end! But I think we're almost done. Carpets are cleaned tomorrow and then we should be good to on the market.

DH has 2 more days left at his cmopany here in KC and then is taking a week off. We are hoping our son in Chicago is able to play soccer again (he strained his hamstring last friday) so we can attend the games we had planned. DH has a concert on Tuesday of next week and then he'll be heading to MN to begin work at ING on Monday, Oct. 29th as their Chief Actuary VP. *sigh* I'm excited for him and our financial future but I will truly miss our life here in KS. Fortunately, I don't have to go yet! :oD I'll stay with our youngest until the house sells. Then we'll have to find a place for Dan to live! The fireman needs a place to live! ;o)

Leaving 2 kids here and some AMAZING friends makes me sad. Going back to family, especially elderly parents, is a plus to this move. Life will be fine...I just wish I could sleep for a month! LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My son goes to college at North Park University in Chicago. We left there yesterday and there were torrential rains. We were able to get thru the traffic and drive pretty uneventfully back to home. These are pics from campus that Kev sent me last night. They have evacuated 3 buildings on campus. Kev also said he lost power in the apartment this morning and he said it most likely won't be back on til tomorrow.

This weather is really reeking havoc with the midwest. I wish it would stop. Please keep everyone in your prayers.


Friday, September 12, 2008


My husband is flying to Chicago this afternoon and we will go see our son play soccer tonight!!! I need a hug from him! Is it 3:45 yet???

These are my guys!!!! Gotta love 'em!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Always Remember

7 years ago today, life in America as we knew it, safe, free, and full of life, turned to a country of despair and sorrow, fear and resolve, and we knew that the terrorists would not win this war.

I remember coming home from running errands and turning the TV on...I was stunned. I also remember my kids coming home from school and 3 of the 4 watched it all unfold on tv. Our 3rd child was a freshman in HS and the principal gave the teachers the right to teach their curriculum or watch history unfold. I was stunned and angry that Kevin was not allowed to see first hand what was going on with our country. His teachers chose to teach their curriculum.

A year later, after moving to KS, Kev asked me to take him to a tv station here that was allowing people to sign a huge memorial for the families/victims of 911. I couldn't tell him we went.

My heart goes out to dh was supposed to be in the Twin Towers that fateful day, but God saw fit to cancel those travel plans. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 08, 2008


The past month has been hellacious. From troubles with the oldest, the job interview/offers/counter offers for dh, our 3rd son being hospitalized for a severe infection and my flying to Chicago to be with him. Our oldest moved out, the youngest helped him and he was tired, thought he had his truck in drive but it was in neutral, the truck slid backwards into a loading dock and trashed his tailgate to the tune of $872, our dd moved out and it goes on and on and on!

DH took the job offer and we are moving back to MN. That means cleaning and decluttering, getting window cleaners in place, painters in for estimates and work, carpet cleaning to take care of and "staging" this house! UGH...calgon take me away! Today I felt like I got nothing done but I did...dh reminded me of it all!!!

Tomorrow the painters come and so do the window cleaners. I HAVE got to clean my sewing room and get that done! THEN...on Wed I leave for 5 days to watch Kev play soccer. I have to let it all needs to be handed over to God and I have to have faith that it will be fine!!!

As for the's a mixed bag of emotions. If this had happened 2 years ago I'd be jumping up and down. But now I have a 2 kids living here and a ton of great girlfriends! I am thrilled for DH and this opportunity, the financial security that it provides, going back to parents and siblings, but I am sad to be living a place that I have grown to LOVE!!!

Life is not going to slow down...

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I am just trying to SURVIVE!!! Literally SURVIVE! My head is spinning with a lot of "crap" and it needs to be sorted out! If I am MIA, I hope to explain it all soon!

I flew to Chicago suddenly on Tuesday due to my son having a skin infection around his elbow. It was resistant to antibiotics and we needed to get him on an IV. He went home today and is much better but not 100%. I haven't slept much and really need a LOT of sleep!

No quilty stuff going on here! *sigh*