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Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Monday, April 28, 2008

Things that go BEEP in the night!

Thursday evening, right as DH was going to bed...BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! WHY does this happen at bedtime? After about 15 minutes we get those darn things that "go beep in the night" to shut up! Fingers crossed we go to bed! Thankfully, wee get a full night's sleep! WHEW!!!

Along comes Friday night. Bedtime...guess what??? NOPE, you are WRONG! There is nothing from those darn things that "go beep in the night"!!! WOOHOO!!! Maybe it was just a quirk the night before!

Saturday is a great day at Beerfest. DH is exhausted and decides to go to bed VERY early at about 9:30. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! WHY does this happen AGAIN at bedtime? After about 5 minutes we get those darn things that "go beep in the night" to shut up AGAIN!!! Fingers crossed DH goes to bed and all stays quiet! I go to bed at
midnight and all is quiet. Once again We sleep through the night!

Sunday I go to Home Depot and purchase 8 new CULPRITS!!!! The old ones have to go! My helper assists me in replacing the CULPRITS...have you guessed it yet??? SMOKE DETECTORS!!! They all had to be we are safe, protected, and living in harmony!!!

Here is Fireman Dan doing his job...for room and board of course! LOL...Wasn't it smart of him to wear protective head gear? It made me giggle!!!

A thoughtful pose from Fireman Dan!

While I was taking a ladder back out to the garage Dan armed himself with the camera! He didn't think it was right that there wasn't a picture of me working on the smoke detectors! Gotta love this kid!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


We had a BLAST!!!! The weather was PERFECT!!! About 64 degrees, light breeze, and sunshine that peeked in and out of clouds! The beer was FANTASTIC, people watching was fun, the music was superb, and spending time with my best friend Steve was amazing!!!

Parkville is a very small didn't take long to walk Main Street. Here is a wine shop we found! VERY cute inside and we'll definitely go back and do some tasting there!

Here is the first band, The Buttermilk Boys, that played at the Parkville Microfest. The were fun and entertaining!
Take a look at my necklace!'s a pretzel necklace that a rugby team was GIVING AWAY for free...they had a donation bucket thought! GREAT IDEA!!! OH, I am NOT two fisting drinking, I had to hold Steve's while he took the picture to prove I was there!

Here is Steve demonstrating the correct technique for beer tasting! Notice the crooked pinky? LOL He's a dork, but he's MY dork!

OK...the story behind this tshirt...there was a fire in Waldo (a community in KCMO) and a brewery was involved in it. The gal wearing this shirt, her dh worked at the brewery, told us that a firefighter said "SAVE THE BEER" when he got there!!! LOL...Since my son is a fireman I had to have a pic of this!

Do you think the music is too loud?

This is the view you get when people decide to stand in front of you instead of BEHIND you! DUH

Steve totally fell in LOVE with this gal and her outfit! JK

Aren't this brother and sister dancing too cute?

AAHHHHH...serenity along the Missouri River! Gotta love the backdrop for the beer fest!

That's all for now!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Keeping our kids safe

I turned my cell phone on and my text message sound went off. Here is what it said: "I love you guys!!! Not sure if I said it enough!" It was sent by Kev! GOSH it made my heart melt and it was the BEST start to a day ever!!!

This happens later in the day:
My stomach is in knots. Dan was looking at my cell phone's txt msgs and said, "OH, you got the same txt from Kev that Joe and I did." I said, "Sarah probably did then too." Dan told me that he tried to call Kev but didn't get him. He suspected the Kev got robbed. I said naw, he would've called me about that. I asked where these thoughts were coming from. Dan told me from Kev's facebook posting. I went to Kev's facebook and found this:

2:55am Kevin thinks nobody really realizes what happened tonight.
2:48am Kevin is happy to be alive!

OK...WHAT IS GOING ON? Then Dan's phone rings and it's Kev. Seems that Kev and some of his friends were at a bar last night and got jumped by several guys while leaving there. Kev got away and called 911. One of his friend's is beat up a bit and one got a slight concussion. Seems that the guys Kev were with were trash talking to this group in the bar. Kev told Dan that he tried to get the guys to knock it off but they didn't. Anyway, no one was hurt and I hope that THEY LEARNED A LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful that all is well but sad that Kev and his friends were very unintelligent! UGH...KIDS!!!

After talking to Kev tonight, one kid who he was not with, but is on the soccer team, was doing all the trash talking. It was a Latino gang who came after them. One stupid kid put several kids' lives in danger. It was great to hear his voice!

Thank you God for keeping my sweet child Kev alive!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Updating the Master Bedroom -EDITED 5:09 pm CDT

After finishing the binding on our new king sized bed quilt, I felt the need to update the bedroom! I am very PLEASED with how this turned out! Thank goodness for Target! LOL...I still want to add a topper to the round table and possibly doing some dark green paint behind the bed and other places around the room. The pictures above the bed look out of place now too! *SIGH*...Anyway, here is the before picture

And, take a look at my helper!!! He got home from the fire station and came up to see me...he ended up putting the brackets up for the valances!!! Thanks Fireman Dan! ;oD

Here is an after picture! I am PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't these pillows adorable? I got them at Target! WOOHOO for Target!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!
EDITED: I just could NOT wait to get something on the small table so I went downstairs and whipped this up! MUCH better!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just need to hand stitch the binding!!!

WOOHOO!!! The king size quilt for our bed is off the machine. Now for the handstitching on the binding! This will take awhile! (click on pictures to see details)

Ignore the youngest! LOL...he said he just couldn't resist...if you look closely at the left side of the picture above, he is peeking out! I needed this laugh today!

Here is a closeup of the quilting. I used the Circle Lord Aztec template for the white spaces. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Here is the backing...this whole quilt was done from STASH!!!!!

Closeup of the quilting in the floral block...I think you can see it better on the back...hopefully anyway!!

I had this MN fabric...many of you know that MN is definitely HOME for me...I lived there all my life til 6 years ago and I still miss it!

OK...Here's the fabric busting I did on this baby!!!
TOP: 9 yards
BACKING: 13 yards
BINDING: 1 yard

TOTAL FABRIC BUSTED 2008: 70 yards
TOTAL FABRIC BOUGHT 2008: 75.75 yards
NET FABRIC 2008: 5.75 yards (woohoo...I am almost getting caught up my spree in California!!!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm sad and disappointed

I work 2 days a week at a local restaurant as a hostess. I love my job and the kids I work with. When I get a tip on an order to go I put it in a special jar with a cork top that my best girlfriend here gave me for said "beer money" on it. I received a $2.50 tip today and went to put it in my jar when I got home. I was SHOCKED when I saw the jar well as the money, which was only about $20 but hey, it was mine.

I have a very strong feeling about who took it and it makes me sick to my stomach since it is one of my who took over $500 from me before we moved (money I was saving for a great sewing center). The same child we have bent over backwards to help with his addictions...I have no proof...I searched his car and room...nothing. I would bet he threw it away. The money is secondary...but since moving here 6 years ago I FINALLY feel happy here and have girlfriends. And the jar was from a person who I consider my BEST friend is irreplacable...

I guess I will just pray that God gives me guidance here...

thanks for letting me vent

Monday, April 14, 2008

Please Mr. Spring...Please come!!

I am TRYING very hard to be P*A*T*I*E*N*T about the weather...but seriously, how P*A*T*I*E*N*T does one have to be????? I bought some pansies and planted them just cuz I could!!! Aren't they pretty???

Then I saw this bush in the backyard blooming and something sprouting thru the ground right near by...Maybe, just MAYBE the patience is paying off!!!

OH WAIT...don't get too excited...the pool isn't open yet! S*I*G*H

Please Mr. Spring...Please come!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Borders are on

WHEW...the borders are on and I really am liking how this quilt top is turning out! I didn't put a border on the top of the quilt cuz it would've been WAY too already will have a nice pillow tuck on it. Now to assemble a backing (UGH)...borders and backings are my least favorite part about quilting...but they are a necessity! I'll tackle that tomorrow!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This sucker is HUGE!!! But I am loving the simplicity of it...once the borders are on and a backing is prepped I will load it on the longarm. Those white squares are screaming for the circle lord! LOL...I had to take 2 pics of it to get it all in! sheesh this is a monster! OOPS...forgot to rotate the pic...oh well, it still works, you get the idea!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My FIL had triple bypass surgery and a leaky valve fixed today. He's doing well but it was about 2 hours longer than we thought and I was getting antsy. He is in intensive care now and will be awakened by the nurses in about 90 mins and hopefully have the throat tube removed. top it all off...I got a call from DD that her bank account had been drained and that their rent check bounced! YIKES!!! She had her best friend, whom i know and love, stay at her apt. this past weekend to take care of her dog while we were at the wedding. Unfortunately, DD believes that her best friend's boyfriend did the ATM withdrawals. The bank verified that it was a male who made 2 $300 on Saturday and one on Sunday. I wanted her to file a police report so we went to the station. They wanted a statement from the bank showing the 2 withdrawals. When we got to the bank she said I can't do this to my best friend. I said HUH??? You are willing to let your best friend date someone that all fingers point to as having stolen from you...2 withdrawals and he also took $150 cash as well. She said she didn't want to ruin her friendship with her friend and that the bank was giving her all but $100 back so she was only out $250. OMG DD...if this situation were reversed wouldn't you want to know your BF was a schmuck????? I sure as heck would! As DD said, "this sucks"...and it does. Either way she goes at it it stinks. BUT...I told her that she cannot move in with her best friend in August if she is still dating this guy. She agreed. The thing is, this guy got into her online bank account somehow, changed the security questions and erased the history on her puter for just THE WEEK that his online stuff was done! This whole situation sickens me...I just hope that DD realizes that she needs to tell her best friend about her fears. Pray that this situation works out to the best case scenario!

CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008


Tonight the Jayhawks play Memphis for the NCAA National Basketball Title!!! GO JAYHAWKS!!! Beat those Tigers!!!
edited: KU JAYHAWKS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!! They beat the Tigers in OVERTIME!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Tomorrow my Dh and I leave for MN. My niece gets married on Saturday and I am sooooo excited!!!!! I am her personal attendant and will also distribute communion. I am THRILLED!!! A wedding, a dance, and lots of family and fun! Does it get any better than this???