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Monday, December 31, 2007


For Christmas, DH bought me the Baptist Fan Template from Circle Lord! I told myself to clean my sewing room up first and then I could play! Today I played and I have to say I am in LOVE with this template. WOW WOW WOW! Michael totally outdid himself on this one! I think I am going to become the "Baptist Fan Queen"!!! to play games and have a beer! I worked up a thirst! Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

If you don't see me for awhile...

It's because I'm lost in my fabric! are several pics from my sewing room and the first one is a shelf outside my sewing room that holds projects, ufo's, batting, and MORE FABRIC!!!!!!!!! UGH...ok, off to organize and it could take days before i surface again! PRAY FOR ME! LOL

EDITED 8:00PM CST: WOOHOO...6 hours later I am much HAPPIER and although it's not perfect, it is MUCH MUCH MUCH IMPROVED!!!!! I posted the after pic AFTER the before pic!
before...forgot an after LOL










AFTER's 6:30 here in KS and progress is being made...but HOLY much MORE fabric is hiding? I tell ya, this is definitely an ILLNESS! I feel really silly for having this much and wish all of you could come shopping in my stash closet! YIKES! many patterns can one have? I found all of these in various places while taking care of my stash. *SIGH*


Hi, my name is Laurie and I'm a fabricaholic. UGH...those words are so not nice to hear! LOL...but it is true! I decided that BEFORE I could use the Circle Lord's Baptist Fan template that DH gave me for Christmas that I had to get control of my stash. First step...wash the fabric that is taking over my laundry room. I HATE WASHING FABRIC!!!!!!! I am doing that now and then will venture down to my sewing room and TRY OH SO VERY HARD to get it cleaned and organized! I WANT TO USE THE BAPTIST FAN TEMPLATE!!!!!!! Motivation is a good thing...I'll try to remember to post before pics later! WISH ME GOOD LUCK! LOLOL

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A few Christmas pics...

This first pic totally made me laugh. My dad put this post it note on his monogrammed towels. It cracked me...he said someone used them last year! I thought to myself...gosh dad, ya had to wash that towel huh?

Here is a pic of my dad and myself. Dad hates to have his pic taken so it's not the best pic. I still like it though!

Here is a pic of all of my family at my dad's.

At my dad's house we buy a generic $25 gift and we put all the gifts on the carpet in the middle of the family room. We make a big circle around it and shake die. If you roll a double you get to pick a gift. Once all gifts are picked we then set the timer roll the die frantically! If you roll a double or a seven you trade gifts. I had told my DH that I never got my nephew's tshirt from his college. WELL, this year I did! Funny thing though...he got my gift too...a Chuck Norris tshirt and both packages included the dvr of The Pursuit of Happyness! TOO FUNNY!!! Here is my nephew and I in our garb!!!

Here we are with our dd's dog in front of our tree.

We had a super day at both families on Chrismas Eve. Then back to KS for our own Christmas on Christmas Day. The trip to KS was uneventful and temps were in the low 50's when we got back! PERFECT!!!! We opened gifts and played a game called "whoonu". It's by the people who made cranium and was a lot of fun!!!

So there ya have it...a small snapshot of our Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Travel WOES...

Well, yesterday, DH and DD and I travelled to Bloomington, MN. We made it there just fine and beat nasty weather that was predicted for northern iowa. But today was a different story. We had a 70 mile trip to get to Rochester. It's a quick and easy drive. But not today...blowing snow was HORRIBLE. WHITE OUT conditions where I could only see one stripe on the center line. Thankfully we made it to Rochester without any mishaps.

We have relatives in Bloomington who were leaving later in the day (we left at noon)) and they were about 15 mins from home when they called Rochester. They chose to turn around and try tomorrow. It took them 90 mins to get home!!! More relatives coming in from Omaha were about an hour ahead of our boys who were coming up from KS. Omaha made it here and said conditions were getting really bad. (they made the trip in daylight except for about the last 30 miles) Our boys called us when they were about 15 miles from the MN border and were being taken off Interstate 35 due to the State Patrole closing it. They found out it was a 16 car pile up and the trooper told the boys how to get to Albert Lea, MN just 20 miles North. I tried to talk the boys into getting a hotel and they said no, we are going to make it. I said just don't be stupid. About 5 mins later Kev texts me and says we are going to get a hotel in Albert Lea cuz it is really getting worse by the minute. I said I'll call and find you something. NAH Kev says, we'll be fine. I saId NAH, I'll get ya one cuz a lot of people are going to be stopping to spend the night.

I googled "hotels in albert lea mn" and Americinn comes up. I called there there were NO ROOMS! YIKES...I asked if she knew of any other hotels nearby that had rooms available and she said the Holiday Inn Express has some and she gave me their number. I told DH they will probably jack us pricewise but at least the boys will be safe and that is PRICELESS!!! I got the room reserved, directions to the hotel and the room was only $80!!! Thank you HIE!!! I called the boys back and said here are the directions. Well, Joe called me after they checked in and said "Thank goodness you called for us. The receptionist said there were only 3 rooms left and that a couple of parties in line ahead of the boys didn't get rooms...but the boys had a reservation! WHEW!!!!!

SOOOOOOO...the pizza party at the in-laws was supposed to be 24 people and it turned out to be 14 because a nephew and his fiance from the twin cities area didn't make it down either. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! I am just so thankful the boys were smart and pulled off the road!


Friday, December 21, 2007


I am not quite sure what the reason is, but I am truly excited about Christmas this year. I don't care what I get for gifts, I do care what others think about what I give them, and I am just truly thankful for the time I will have with family.

Maybe it's because I am not sure how many Christmases I have left with my dad and my inlaws. Nothing in life is guaranteed. So, enjoy it all to the fullest and thank God for every moment!!!

My kids are older and truly understand and appreciate the TRUE reason behind the season. Don't get me wrong...they still love the gifts, but I truly believe they know that the true joy is in giving and not in receiving.

My wish for all of my blogger friends is that you are truly blessed during this holiday season. I know I don't have a huge following as far as readers are concerned...but that's ok. Those of you who read...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Girlfriend's Christmas Lunch/Dinner

I have the BEST girlfriend's in the world!!! We started the day out at Jennifer's for appetizers. Carla found shot glasses made out of candy canes and bought them for us. SOOOOOOO...shots were taken! was too funny! After appetizers at Jen's we went to Carla's for salad and crab cakes. Next stop, Denise's for the main course. We had lasagna and garlic toast. It was YUMMY!!! When we were done at Denise's we came to my house for dessert. Then off to Billies for gifts and karaoke. GOSH we had a blast!!!

Here are all 5 of us at Denise's house. Aren't we cute???

The girls all LOVED LOVED LOVED the aprons! I mean LOVED the aprons!!! I was SOOOOOOO thrilled with it!!!

Jennifer had to leave early because she is moving today, but here are 4 of us karaoking at Billie's. Man we have a good time with this!!!

Billie and I singing! LOL...she is AMAZING and I suck! :oD

NOW...this photo...well, let me explain!!! I had my camera in my hand and thought I could just flip it over to take a picture of Carla and Denise. WELL...I took my OWN pic! LOLOLOLOL...It was hilarious cuz I was laughing at something else and it's just funny!!!

There ya have it...God blessed me with beautiful people as friends! For that I am grateful!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

My DH and his running streak on

My DH has a running streak that started in 1972. He has run EVERY least a mile! He is on a running streak list and I think he's #9 on the list. An ESPN freelance writer called to ask Steve if he could interview him. Then he asked to talk to me as well! Sure, why not! It's a long article, but our info is under "SHARING THE LOAD" (click "sharing the load" to go to the article") We are Laurie and Steve G.....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm on a ROLLLLLL!!!

I finished this snowman top 2 winters ago (I think). I felt like turning it into a quilt so I put it on my longarm today. I love bright colors and called it "Psychedelic Snowmen". I used the pantograph
"WATERWORLD" by Jodi Beamish. After getting thru about 1/4 of the quilting I thought...DARN IT, I should've used white thread to make it look like a snowstorm!!! I used a variegated instead which is still cute, but white would've been fun! The panto looks like Old Man Winter rearing his ugly head!!! Now for the hand stitching and it's a QUILT!!!!! WOOHOO!

I'm cold, I think I'll throw this quilt on me and start binding! That will keep me warm!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another gift finished!!!

For my DD's boyfriend's bday in August I made him a superman quilt. I had lost the original yardage that I bought so I reordered more to make the quilt. Of course, about a week after his bday I found it! for Christmas I made king size pillow cases for him. Here they are! Another gift done! WOOHOO!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

All they need are buttons!!!

I got my girlfriends' aprons done!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I will give these to my friends as part of their gift. I also have a book and lip gloss. We are doing our girl Christmas lunch on Wednesday...a progressive lunch. We will have appetizers at one house, then on to salad at another, main course at another, dessert at my house, and drinks and karaoke fun at the last house! I can hardly wait! This is such a FUN group of gals! God blessed me with super friends!

Snow is on its way. Shopping is on its way. Date night with DH is on its way. Gift wrapping is on its way! Sounds like a busy weekend huh? ;o)

Have a good one! Only 11 days till Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, one child left gum in a pant's pocket. I was NOT happy but googled it. I was SHOCKED to see that egg white rubbed in to the gum spots with a toothbrush, let it sit for 15 mins, and relaunder it. IT WORKED!!!!!!! SO THERE YA GO!!! A crisis that was avoided!

Tired and overwhelmed...

I have lost my steam for Christmas. (sigh) I am pretty much done with DH but the kids are NOT easy this year. DH and I are going shopping on Saturday (UGH) because he can't take Friday off due to his department lunch. So we will fight more crowds than I care to think about. Maybe I'll put a flask of beer or wine in my purse! LOL...I know I'll get everything done but I just feel overwhelmed at this point.

Anyone else?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I snapped a couple of pics of the trees in the front yard. Although the RAIN is freezing on trees, grass and other cold surfaces, the roads are just wet. And it is really raining. Supposedly there is another round on the way. When I went to bed last night they said that it was the end of round 1 and that rounds 2,3, and 4 were on the way. That never happened. Thankfully we still have power.

Monday, December 10, 2007



It's here...the freezing drizzle started about 20 minutes ago. We are in a winter/ice warning until midnight TOMORROW NIGHT!!! UGH...the fear of losing power is NOT a good one. When we moved here, 12/30/01, we had been here about 4 weeks before THE WORST ICE STORM EVER in the Kansas City area. I remember hearing LOUD cracking noises and the roof shaking while DH and I were in bed. I'd say, "WHAT WAS THAT?" Dh said probably ice falling off the trees onto the roof. We were fortunate that year...we never lost power. Here is a synopsis of that storm:

The initial storm

Up until the point of the storm the weather in Kansas City had been remarkably pleasant; The city appeared to be experiencing a mild winter, and 2 days before the storm the tempature was over 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
According to Weather Central;
"An arctic front moved slowly southward into the Central Plains from January 29 to 30, resulting in a shallow layer of cold air near the surface. Meanwhile, a strong southwesterly jet stream began transporting a large surge of moist air with connections to the tropical Pacific. A strong temperature boundary developed, separating the warm, moist airmass across the southern U.S. from the colder, drier airmass to the north. As surface impulses moved along the frontal boundary, the stage was set for a widespread variety of winter weather. An upper level low progressing eastward across the central Pacific provided the added ingredients for a prolonged precipitation event."


The storm left up to 2 inches over the affected reigions on the evening of January 30th. Affected infrastructure initially held, but began to crumble as the night wore on. Electric transformers were prone to explosion and in some cases created small fires, and trees shattered under the weight of hundreds of pounds of ice. After the 31st, More than 650,000 residents were without power, including 350,000 in the Kansas City metropolitan area alone. In some cases, power didn't return to residents for nearly 14 days. Approximately 500,000 trees were affected in Kansas City alone, including 2 "Bicentennial Trees" which were estimated at being over 200 years old. States of emergency were announced by the governors of all 3 states.

I sure hope we aren't in for that again. DH is in sunny Tampa, FL and said it's 80 there. I said that is SO NOT NICE! LOL...but he'll get paid back when he can't get home tomorrow due to this storm.

Maybe tomorrow will turn into a HUGE quilty day for me! WOOHOO!!! (I'm supposed to work at Old Chicago tomorrow but if this ice storm transpires they can get along without me!)


Sunday, December 09, 2007

What fun I had yesterday with my son Kevin! We are both HUGE Kevin Garnett fans and when the MN Timberwolves traded him to the Boston Celtics we were THRILLED!!! Don't get me wrong...those of you who know me know that MN is HOME. BUT, Garnett is SO awesome and the T'wolves stink so we wanted Garnett to have a shot at winning an NBA title! Anywho, when we saw that the Celtics were going to be in Chicago, and Kev goes to school there, well we were all over it! LOL Here's a pic of us with the scoreboard/court behind us.

This pic was while we wandered around the United Center cuz we were so early. These guys get paid to look ridiculous and then they dance during a time out! LOL...that is the one guy's belly that is painted!

It was a special night for fundraising and so there was live music. All I wanted was a pic of Kevin with the musicians in the background but the professional dancers saw me and the gal started to dance with Kev. I thought Kev was gonna die! LOL

This is a picture of the trees south of Des Moines, IA. I was worried about the freezing rain that was predicted for Saturday and was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it to Chicago for the game. It turned out the weather was FINE...dry roads most of the way. BUT, overnight there was freezing rain in Chicago. It took me about 10 mins to scrape the windows off. (the giveaway at the Bulls game the night before was an ice scraper! LOL...pretty wise of them huh?!!) I hit the road and was fine except for wet roads. Not bad, not bad...UNTIL I hit Missouri! UGH...lots of freezing rain patches, but they didn't last too long until I hit Bethany, MO. Then I had about 30 mins where the ice was building up on the windshield. Once I got thru that, it was smooth sailing. I was only delayed about 20 mins but it is just NOT fun driving! The trees in Iowa were gorgeous though! ;o)

I am so thankful for special one-on-one time with my kids! They are memories that I will have forever!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I've been BUSY!!!

I wanted to have a new Christmas quilt for snuggling under so I pulled out a top that I made last year at some point in time. I LOVE cardinals and used Bethany Reynold's Stack and Whack fans. I just LOVE how this turned out! This is the top and the back.

The markings on this next photo press out. I did them to section off the borders to make the "heart garland".

These are 2 quilts that I did for a friend. Her quilts are always a treat because they are ALWAYS square! LOL...thanks TSB!

Have a great day! It's snowing here and DH and I are going to see Billy Joel tonight!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God took care of me...

Well, while I have been envious of EVERYONE who is getting snow today, I think I lost site of the gifts that surround me. God pretty much slapped me upside the head (LOL) when this sunset was given to me! Thanks God! You truly are an AWESOME God!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Decorating has begun!!! I am not sure what caused my desire to decorate yesterday, but it was there in full force!!! It was a dreary, warm, rainy day and Christmas was in the forefront of my mind!

I dragged up all the stuff from the basement that I wanted to use for this year. Here is a picture of the mantle. Doesn't it look cute?

This is a picture of my nativity scene from Jim Shore. I just LOVE this and leave it out all year!

Can you see that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE snowmen???!!! Yep, I do!!! Here is part of my collection!

I made this wallhanging a few years ago. It's subtle but I just love it!

These are a couple of is Christmas and the other is snowmen!!!

This quilt on the dining room table is from a mystery class in MN. I was THRILLED with how this one turned out. If you click on the pic you can see 2 items that my son Dan made when he was about 10 or 11 years ago. I treasure these!

This is my first quilt EVER! It just makes me giggle every year when I bring it out. I look at it and see how far I have come and yet it reminds me of my quilting roots!!! Also, the nativity scene was my mom's and I treasure it. The stable it is in was made by Steve's uncle who passed away years ago. The ceramic book was something I made about 20 years ago when I took a ceramics class. Definitely treasures all of them!

This is my little "live" tree! I struggled to put this bugger up but FINALLY got it done! WOOHOO!!!

I have collected Dept. 56 the Original Snow Village for years. I have not put them out since moving here 6 years ago though. I put a few of them out this year and it made me happy to do so.

Lastly, I have wanted to post this pic for a few days but blogger was NOT cooperating with me. This is another apron for a friend of mine. I like how it turned out!

The tree is up now and I am just waiting for my youngest to finish his "safety nap" (he's the fireman) and he will help me put the lights up and then the ornaments!

There are more decorations but I didn't want to bore you! I am now in the CHRISTMAS MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!