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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Quilt

My niece and goddaughter got married to the love of her life on Saturday, June 18th, 29 years to the day that I married the love of MY life! Steve and I were thrilled when Jackie and Greg chose their date and we now share an anniversary!

Jackie grew up in MN and is a huge Twins/Vikings fan. Greg grew up in WI and is a huge Brewers/Packers fan! There is a lot of fun in their house when it comes to sports, although the Twins/Brewers only play each other once a summer. My sister and I decided to make them a tshirt quilt that depicts this division! LOL I had to scour 2nd hand stores for more Twins/Vikes shirts (not hard to find in MN) and Packers/Brewers shirts (CHALLENGING) in order to make it work! Here is the final product!!!

Here are Jackie and Greg after the rehearsal and opening their gift! They LOVED it and I know it will get a lot of use/love! It's always a thril when the quilt/gift is appreciated!
And here is a pic of Jackie and Greg after cutting their cake. They were a beautiful couple and the day was perfect! I hope they enjoy many happy years together...just like Steve and I have!