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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Moving SUCKS...I JUST WANNA QUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm sad about possibly having to give up my longarm...gotta give a little to get a little I guess. *SIGH*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Condo construction is progressing...

Here I am standing in my sewing room, looking into the living area. See that vent hole cut at the bottom right...there was a matching one on the other wall...NOT GOOD!! The built in fabric storage cabinets were supposed to go on those walls...either side of the double doors. OH NO...not to worry! I went there with the cabinet dude on Monday, met with the electrician, wood guy, and heat guy...we had to make a few adjustments on the dimensions of the storage units but they will work! WHEW!!! Unfortunately, I think the longarm is going to have to's too big.

Here I am contemplating the issue!!!

This is going to be the kitchen. That electrical thingy sticking up in the middle of the floor will be the electricity in the peninsula. Aren't the floors GORGEOUS??? Even though they have a ton of sheetrock dust on them, they are stunning!

This is the door to our small (30 sqare foot) deck, and the eating area is where the boards are standing up.

Here we are...YEP...424 is OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun to see everything progressing!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad's 82nd birthday! There is a LOT I could say about this man, like:
how hard he worked to support his family (he was self-employed for 26 years),
how much he LOVED and RESPECTED my mom (RIP mom),
how he didn't, and still doesn't, have to use a lot of words (sometimes THAT look sufficed) to get his message across,
how he lives his life with integrity,
how he will do anything to help a person in need,
how he puts Christ into his every day living...
and on and on and on...

Mostly though...I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for loving my mom the way you did and us kids as well!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the BEST dad in the world!!! Here's a pic of him, my 2 sisters and I about a year ago!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Granite is DONE!!!!!

Here ya go! The finished product...notice the new view when you come in the front door! AMAZING!!!


Kitchen transformation...

The things a person has to do to "hopefully" sell a it's countertops being covered in Granite! Granite Transformations is here and it's looking GORGEOUS!!!! The biggest negative comment we've had is "the kitchen needs updating"...which translates into granite and stainless steel appliances (which are NOT going to happen on our dime).

The guys put the little guy on first! Looking good!!

The old sink was cut out and the new on placed in the old counter!

Almost have the island covered...

And this is the template for the sink...after lunch they'll cut this out! AMAZING!!!

Stay tuned for the finished project later today!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun...Our last family Easter in KS

What fun we had! On Thursday night Kevin and Dan moved the other half of the bunk beds that my brother made for the boys to Dan's new place...but first there were a few mattress rides down the stairs! BOYS!!!!!!!!!!

Then on Saturday we were enjoying the sunshine while sitting on the deck. Dan and Kev decided to do a KS Polar plunge! LOL...water temp around 50 degrees...BRRRRRRR...this is Dan diving in.

Kev had perfect form on his cannon ball! LOL

DANG we're cold!!! Gotta warm up!

Then we had Easter dinner on Saturday so DH and his parents could drive home on Easter Sunday...back to MN from KS.

We played cards after stuffing ourselves! LOTS of fun!!!

Kev shared a Miller Lite with grandpa!
While Steve and I went to mass Easter morning with his parents, the kids, all living on their own snuck into our house and cooked breakfast...eggs, sausage, and hash browns! YUMMY and an AWESOME surprise!!! Thanks kids!
Finally, on Saturday DH, Kev and myself went to Men's Wearhouse for a buy one get one free suit sale. Steve said he could use another suit and Kev has a job interview for a college assistant coaching job on Wed and he said he needed a suit as well. Alterations were needed so we picked up Kev's suit this afternoon. He wore it back to college so it wouldn't get all wrinkled. He needed me to take a pic for GQ! LOL...isn't he handsome????
Now reality of this big old house and myself is here! The silence is deafening!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Condo Pics...

Here are pics of our condo...our tiny 30 square foot deck! LOL

This is the corner of our unit...after the installation of the wall it'll be my sewing room. It will have an AMAZING view of downtown Mpls!!!

a long view of the living area and where my sewing room will be.

Our kitchen...can you see it? LOL

We will remove this window, add french doors, and make this a sitting room. WOOHOO

Well...that is a small snapshot of our future...what do you think???

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Bought a condo today in Minneapolis...the developer accepted our initial offer...I was STUNNED...look for pics later this week since DH's puter doesn't wanna read my memory card..we also had a showing today and wonder if it's a God thing? Say a prayer!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

OK...moving day

It was cold and rainy but we did it! Thanks to Brian and was a lot easier with them!!!

Rain and cold...they still got the job done!!!

Firemen are another family and culture...I am comforted knowing that Dan is going to be taken care of!

The new place! WOOHOO!!

I really did help! I am putting light bulbs in the lamp! YES........

I love my kids, wanted an empty nest...but did NOT bargain for an empty nest minus the hubby! *SIGH*

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


My Fireman Dan is now a PROUD HOMEOWNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing how one can move the earth when threatening to pull the loan to another lender. never came through underwriting but the loan closed, the builder got his money, and Dan got his keys!!! We moved some stuff today and tomorrow 2 of Dan's fellow firefighters will be here at 9am to help move the furniture!!!

Stay tuned for pics tomorrow!!!