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Friday, August 31, 2007

Going to...CALIFORNIA...CALIFORNIA here I come

P5020851 2 Orange crooked palms
My son and I are going to CA for a few days. DH and I had a week at our resort that we had to use and ds and I were the only ones who could go. DD was going to but she decided she needed to work and that means dd and i are alone!!! I am excited to spend time with the youngest...he's a great traveller!

Have a safe and happy labor day weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I've been bad! it too much????

This is a 2 part post!
The first part is titled: I HAVE BEEN BAD!!!

WHY OH WHY do I shop online????? LOL...don't answer that...CUZ I LOVE IT and I CAN!!! That's WHY!!! OK...I have 3 favorite online places, one is one is and the last one is . was FQS that got me into trouble here! I just couldn't resist!!! Who knows what I will do with them. Aren't they C U T E???!!!

I am a sucker for pink roses, it was my mom's favorite flower. So that is why this bunch of fabrics landed in the online shopping cart!!! ;O)

This is a panel to the Sweet Baby Jane line! I just LOVED the colors...the panel can make a quick quilt if needed too!

Here are the coordinating FQS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!!!

NOW...for PART 2:

You might remember this quilt..."Funky Town". I made this out of all polka dot fabrics. It was such a fun and happy quilt. My sisters suggested that I make it for the curved wall in our family room. This first pic is taken from the kitchen area...what one would see if they came in thru the garage.

This is just a closer shot of the quilt from the same angle!!!

This picture is taken from the view of what one would see when they come downstairs. The quilt would greet everyone in the morning! Kind of a bright greeting huh?????

So, there ya have it too MUCH????? The quilt on the wall I mean...NOT my shopping addiction!!! LOL

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Casting Crowns...

This is the NEATEST performance of "Who Am I". It was done with hands and I believe glow in the dark gloves. TOO COOL!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not a good week in KS

Let's hope it's DONE here in KS. It has been a deadly 5 days around here. Within a radius of about 30 miles from us the following has happened:

1. Last Saturday afternoon a 22yo male crossed a grassy median in a 70mph zone and hit head on into a mini van. That mini van flew in the air and landed on another mini van and went up in flames. 3 people died

2. Monday afternoon, a 16yo girl was driving in a 70mph zone and hit an SUV head on. SUV burnt to a shell. SUV driver dead, girl in mini van in critical condition

3. Today a 17yo male lost control of his vehicle and hit a semi. They both went off the overpass and the semi ignited...40yo truck driver, dead, teen and his passenger, minor injuries

OH DEAR...I forgot...also Saturday night, only about 2 miles from here, 2 cars parked at a 4way stop with a friend standing in between them. The 2 were going to drag race. From behind, a SUV is really moving and the "race starter" runs from the scene, one of the drag cars fleas the scene, while the SUV rear ends the camaro that was going to drag race. Camaro kid is on a respirator and in critical condition. No one died...

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???????? I feel like staying's safer. Keep all of these people and their families in your prayers.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


On Thursday, right before I was going to head out the door for the rest of the day and night, the doorbell rang. I said, hmmmm...haven't ordered any fabric that should arrive today, wonder what it could be!!! So I answer the door and one of my favorite packages arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look!!!!!

Isn't he the BEST!!!!! I even knew whey he sent them...I have started on my diet again to lose the 25 lbs that I have gained and he wanted to let me know how proud of me he is!

These minature roses are GORGEOUS!!!!! They are opening up so beautifully, all 36 of them!!!!!! I arranged them myself, not bad for a non-florist (LOL, is that even a REAL WORD????)

I'm happy today!!! I hope to buy some furniture for one of the empty bedrooms left from our DD moving out last May!!! We are going to make it into a video room with a wide flat screen tv! YES!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2007


That title about sums up my week this week! I have just had one of those weeks that makes a gal say , "Calgon...take me away!" A couple of beers tonight with DH and a good night's sleep will help!!!

Tomorrow...maybe a little quilting!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

On a HAPPIER note...

Here is what I have been working my butt off doing the past 3 days!!!!! The pattern is from Terry Atkinson's new book called "Happy Hour". The pattern is "Between Friends Junior", obviously a modified rail fence pattern. I am making this for my daughter's boyfriend's bday which is TOMORROW! LOL...he LOVES superman so I found the fabric on ebay, not the BEST fabric and I had some struggles with it, but he will LOVE it just the same! The last pic is of my DD's dog (she's a yellow lab and terrier mix) with the back of the quilt. Tomorrow I will trim, make a label, and bind. We'll give it to him tomorrow. My DD doesn't know it yet, but I am putting her name on the label as part of the gift givers. She said, "Kevin will like your present better than mine!" I don't want her to be disappointed!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

DH has a missing former co-worker in MN Tragedy..NOW IDENTIFIED AS DEAD

The Awful Wait for News

My dh worked with a gal while we lived in MN and she is missing. If you click the link above and then click on a video further down labeled "The Awful Wait for News" you will see the family of Sherry Engebrettson. My dh said she was a great gal. It is so sad.

2 of DH's former employees in MN should've been on the bridge but one left work early while the other took a different route home due to traffic. I was hoping this tragedy wouldn't touch us personally, but it seems it might.

Keep the prayers going for all of the families.

EDITED: Sherry was id'd as one of the 4 bodies that were recovered last night. Steve watched the video above and said her family has her nailed. An amazing, outgoing, caring, loving human being that you wanted to be around and call your friend. I am saddened about this tragedy and am sad this touched our house in such a way.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


OMG...I was out with my DH when 3 of my 4 kids texted or called me about this catastrophe in Minneapolis. I lived all of my life in MN until moving here to KS about 6 yrs ago. This is a sad, catastrophic day for the state.

Please keep the families of the victims and injured in your prayers. Here is a link to the local paper. The photo gallery speaks volumes.