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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big City girl

I am a big city girl. I grew up in Rochester, Mn which was a medium sized town. Since then...St. Paul, Apple Valley MN, Burnsville MN, Overland Park KS and now Minneapolis MN. I love love love big cities! Chicago is a place near and dear to my heart as well...did I say I love love love big cities???!!!!!!!

There is always so much to do. Concerts, great restaurants, shopping, public transportation, and so much more. a large city you always have the suburbs to explore. You can also find peace and tranquility as well!

For example...when I left MN for KS, I missed the great quilt stores. BUT...I did find a couple that I liked a lot. One of them was in Lawrence, KS called Sarah's. She had fabric along with a lot of other stuff. Lawrence is home to the KU Jayhawks which we became fans of. I miss KS!!!

I love Mpls though too! We have great restaurants nearby and walk everywhere. Steve walks to work and we got rid of a car! Rush hour traffic doesn't exist for us anymore!'s a BONUS!!! What I do miss about urban living: a house, a deck, a yard, and not sharing walls with people. Nothing in life is perfect...but my life is!!!


Barb said...

Fun read here Laurie! Yep you are a city girl, as for me, just the opposite :>)! Stay well, stay warm...we are caught in the cold and ice of the USA storm! But I am truly a S*N*O*W person as you know, (ice not so much)...! H/LY

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love city living too! I have lived in San Francisco and Boston - both places right downtown. Oakland, CA too. And Graz in Austria has 300,000 people. We don't have a car in Graz! Public transportation is great! And it has come in very handy being in the same city as a great hospital. But, I am usually equally happy in the country. Cheers! Evelyn